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NEW HIRE AND REHIRE CONSENT FORM NOTICE TO JOB APPLICANT OF B&G PAINTING, INC. EMPLOYMENT DRUG SCREENING POLICY AND AGREEMENT. The undersigned job applicant acknowledged that he/she has been informed that B&G Painting, Inc. requires applicants to submit blood, urine, and/or other medical examination for alcohol, controlled substances, and drugs to be conducted by a health facility, medical or testing clinic or laboratory physician selected and paid for by B&G Painting, Inc. The applicant agrees to submit to such examination and /or tests and hereby authorizes release and disclosure that test results which show the presence of alcohol, a controlled substance or illegal drugs will result in denial or termination of employment. The applicant agrees to sign any documents that may be necessary in order to permit release of and disclosure to B&G Painting, Inc. of any medical examination and/or medical tests for controlled substances or drug abuse. By signing this document, the applicant agrees that, if employed, he/she will be subject to the terms and conditions of B&G painting, Inc. Policy on Drug Abuse and Controlled Substances.
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